Why Your Asphalt Business Needs LinkedIn Lead Generation

As the Internet and digital marketing have evolved, so have the techniques for generating leads. At Go Online Asphalt, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing services to help your asphalt business grow and flourish.

Our relationship marketing services give you the opportunity to connect with decision makers in your specific target industry through LinkedIn. Not only will we connect you with them, but we will also begin developing a relationship with them for you. This will give you high quality leads while improving your likelihood of conversion.

Keep reading to learn more about LinkedIn Lead Generation and how it can contribute to the success of your business…


What is LinkedIn Lead Generation?

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for B2B companies, and with proper marketing tactics, your business can grow exponentially. Lead generation involves all activities intended to identify and cultivate potential customers. While companies use a variety of sales and marketing tactics to generate leads, it is imperative that they have well-defined processes in place.

B2B lead generation has become a challenging task for businesses due to a high level of competition and crowded markets. Those that consistently generate quality leads gain a clear competitive advantage against their competitors. With LinkedIn Lead Generation, you can use professional demographic data to target the right people by job title, company, industry, seniority, and more.

At Go Online Asphalt, our LinkedIn Relationship Marketing strategy targets and engages your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel. We provide a LinkedIn sales outreach by writing proven copy and sending thousands of tailored messages to your ideal clients every month — getting positive responses straight to your inbox.

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Generation:

  • Build brand credibility, visibility and trust
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Boost sales and generate business opportunities
  • Build relationships and network with high-quality prospects
  • Expand your market


If you’re looking for more B2B clients and are ready to tap into LinkedIn’s massive network of your ideal clients, Go Online Asphalt is ready to help. With this service, we’ll help you convert those leads into sales at a much higher rate than that of transactional marketing.

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