Benefits Of Professional Hosting And Security For Your Website

Have you ever wondered how to keep your asphalt business’ website secure? Whether you’re setting up a new site, migrating, or upgrading your existing website, security is likely to be low on your priority list. This isn’t uncommon, given everything else you have to consider when upgrading your website and running a business. The term ‘cyber-attack’ is relatively new after all, but these attacks that attempt to damage or destroy a computer network or system are becoming increasingly common in today’s technologically-dominated world.

The unfortunate truth is that small to mid-sized businesses (and even startups) – regardless of what type of business they are – have every reason to be just as concerned about the security of their site as a globally-operated enterprise brand. Cutting corners when choosing a web hosting service can leave your website vulnerable to hacking, security risks, and suspensions, which could potentially damage your brand and your business.

Luckily, professional website hosting and security can play a huge part in the safety and growth of your business, and the team at Go Online Asphalt has a package just for you to help keep your asphalt businesses’ website safe and organized.

There are a number of benefits of our hosting and security package, including:


Enhanced Website Security

To enhance the security of your website, we provide daily malware scans, unlimited malware removal, blacklist monitoring and removal, and more. We will protect each page of your website to ensure the utmost security across your entire site.

Save Money & Time

Hiring a professional to host your website manage the servers used by your website and email, helping you meet your needs while you are able to concentrate on growing your business and reaching your potential.

Excellent Technical Support

Businesses already have to be concerned about so many aspects to ensure success, and thus technical support provides the confidence that a professional will support them along their path to success. Website hosting services work to resolve issues efficiently and quickly, so that your asphalt business’ daily operations remain uninterrupted.

Website Data Backup

Even with carefully managed site content, any manner of incidents, including a malicious attack, could lead to a loss of data. In the event of a server failure, website traffic can be instantly routed to a redundant backup to avoid downtime and minimal data loss. At Go Online Asphalt, we offer daily automatic backups, with secure cloud storage and more.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are a key part of safe, secure browsing. These certificates are small data files that are registered and bound to a domain and the organization’s details. When activated and configured on a website, it activates the https protocol (as opposed to http) which allows a secure connection to be established between the server and the user’s browser.

Through that secure connection, all data is encrypted; especially sensitive information like consumer credit card data, personal contact information, proprietary files, and more. Without an SSL certificate, it’s possible (and likely) that a competitor’s website with an SSL will outrank you in the search engines.

Boost SEO Rankings

Website security directly affects your search engine optimization, thus having a secure website and strong https encryption will automatically boost your SEO rankings.



Just because you operate a small business or website, doesn’t mean you won’t have to worry about hacks, hijacks, or intrusion. The traffic to your website, customer data, and your connection to other users are all valuable to hackers – making any website a potential target.

At Go Online Asphalt, we offer a comprehensive hosting and security package to proactively secure your website and all its data. We’ll help you mitigate risk, close vulnerabilities, and protect your business website.

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