Client Spotlight: Danny’s Asphalt Paving

Danny’s Asphalt Paving is a large-scale asphalt paving company based in Midland, Texas. They specialize in delivering exceptional asphalt and chip seal paving services on commercial, industrial, municipal, subdivision and base work projects throughout the entire Permian Basin. Not only do they provide these outstanding services, they also manufacture their own high-quality asphalt products at the nearby asphalt plant of their sister company, Basin Asphalt.

The team at Go Online Asphalt has worked closely with Danny’s Asphalt Paving since July 2020, providing them with a variety of digital marketing services ranging from paid search advertising, website design and development, social media and email marketing, brand development and relationship marketing, search engine optimization and more. With these services, we have been able to help Danny’s Asphalt gain and maintain a steady flow of customers and followers, while greatly increasing their online presence, brand identity, and customer engagement and relationships.

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Website Design & Development

A strong, professional website and user-friendly design is instrumental for the success of your asphalt business, while creating massive credibility to your brand and company. For Danny’s Asphalt’s website, we made sure all the information that visitors might look for is clearly displayed, including attention-grabbing copy, visuals and branding that matches their overall brand identity perfectly.

Social Media

Danny’s Asphalt’s Instagram page highlights professional photographs of their latest paving projects, as well as includes other relevant content such as industry news and tips, new blog post updates, and more. They are also active on Facebook and LinkedIn as well to maximize their online presence and better engage with their customers and potential customers. Maintaining a strong social presence helps grow more familiarity with your brand, and build credibility among your prospects and clients.

Email Marketing

Incorporating email marketing into Danny’s Asphalt’s campaign helps increase their customer life time value, and allows them to maintain consistent interaction with their customers and prospects. We send out monthly email broadcasts that highlight the latest industry news and tips, new company product or services updates, and more.


Posting fresh, relevant blogs on Danny’s website helps show their web visitors and search engines their company is alive, current, and in the know!

It has been a pleasure to work with Danny’s Asphalt Paving and to provide them with the services they were looking for. If your asphalt business is looking to grow their online presence like Danny’s Asphalt has, Go Online Asphalt is here and ready to help!









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