Why Every Asphalt Business Needs a Lead Magnet

Online users typically spend very little time on websites and can end up leaving after 15 seconds if they do not see value in staying. To enhance future interactions with your asphalt business, you must gain the user’s attention, while also receiving their contact information in exchange. But how do you gather this information? This is where a lead magnet comes in.

A lead magnet is an essential component in generating leads online and building up your email lists. It is a valuable marketing asset that a company offers for free in exchange for something else of value. An effective lead magnet should include a strong incentive for online users to provide their email addresses or other contact information to your asphalt business. Since email is very personal, no one will release this information unless they see value in doing so. Therefore, you must ensure your lead magnet includes an attractive offer and provides your potential buyer with a positive resource.

Lead magnets are important in building a connection between your asphalt business and potential customers who have never heard of your brand. There are many examples that businesses can use as a lead magnet. These usually include digital, downloadable content, such as an eBook, webinar, free PDF report, coupons, case studies, etc. There are also some features that make a lead magnet more successful. Learn about what makes a good lead magnet below.


Specific & High Value

A lead magnet should be specific and valuable to the user as this will increase the chances of conversion.


Solve a Problem

A lead magnet should provide a solution to the user and promise that it will help them easily achieve something.


Instantly Available

A lead magnet is most effective when it can be instantly downloaded by the user.


Easily Digested

A lead magnet should be short and to the point, since readers could get overwhelmed with too much content.


Our team of experts can ensure you are getting immediate, long-lasting results. Go Online Asphalt can assist your asphalt business in developing and maintaining a strong digital marketing strategy, with an effective lead magnet.

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