How Your Asphalt Business Can Benefit From Using PPC

PPC is a form of advertising where you pay a small fee every time someone clicks on one of your ads and lands on your website. The most common forms of PPC are Google and Bing Ads, but they can also be done on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Every business can benefit from PPC, as it is a great way to reach the right customers in a cost-effective way.

Keep reading to find out the main benefits of PPC, and how they can be applied to your business!

PPC allows you to reach the right customers at the exact time they are searching for a service related to yours. This increases the likelihood of a sale, as your ad is only put in front of users who are already interested in what you’re selling, and are actively searching for it! This also means that you are not wasting your advertising dollars on customers who are not likely to convert.

PPC is a great way to reach interested customers, without breaking the bank. PPC advertisements allow you to have total control of your budget, ad placements and targeting. You can also change your ads at any time, allowing you to make informed decisions based on budget and results. Even more conveniently, you can set your ads to run at a higher budget in your busy season, and drop it down to a lower budget on the off season.

PPC shows you detailed analytics such as impressions, cost per click, and keyword data. Through this, you can see how a user interacts with your ads. You can then retarget your ads to those customers who didn’t convert, which keeps your business front of mind when those customers are ready to purchase. These analytics also offer insights on what is working and what isn’t working, so you can adjust your ads accordingly. Marketing agencies such as Go Online Asphalt are experts at using analytics to drive results, and are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating PPC strategies.

While organic marketing efforts are very important in the long-term marketing strategy of a business, it can take months to see results. Since the first several spots in search engine results are reserved for PPC ads, they deliver instant results, allowing you to reach new, interested customers in the short term. Go Online Asphalt also offers SEO services, allowing you to implement organic AND paid marketing strategies, resulting in more sales and revenue for you business!

Let Go Online Asphalt be your marketing team! Our team are experts in PPC campaigns, and have experience generating results in your industry. We perform an in-depth analysis of your targeted key phrases, and work with you to develop a longterm strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can help you use PPC to grow your business!




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