How are you managing your online reviews?

Word of mouth and recommendations from friends has always been a reliable source before making a purchase decision about an asphalt paving or maintenance job. Now, with more users relying on online resources to make decisions, these same principles apply. By paying attention to your online reputation, you can produce and retain loyal customers that your asphalt business deserves.

Online Reputation Management involves building a strong online business identity through positive reviews on search engines, such as Google, and social media platforms. Potential buyers rely on reviews to guide them before making a purchase decision. Receiving positive reviews will not only grow your customer base, but also increase potential clicks through to your asphalt business’ website. Negative reviews can hurt your asphalt business by turning away potential clients and can damage your Google page ranking metrics – further reducing your online visibility. However, negative experiences are often more memorable than positive ones, and will prompt someone to leave a poor review. This is simply by virtue of how they stand out from what is expected. This means that every asphalt business, no matter how well-established, should be mindful of what is being said about them online.

Trust The Experts At Go Online Asphalt To Manage Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management is very important, but it can be difficult to pull off properly without years of successful practice. Our team at Go Online Asphalt can assist your asphalt business by managing each review that is written about your company. Our Online Reputation Management team will send out review requests to your customers on the same day as the sale in order to grow your online reviews. Furthermore, if someone had a poor experience and is looking to write a negative review, our team can intercept and get them appropriate assistance in order to turn their experience around. In addition, our service creates a microsite that is shown at the top of Google, which includes all of your asphalt business information and reviews all in one place, contributing to improvement in your business’ Search Engine Optimization. With Online Reputation Management, you can assess, monitor and nurture your asphalt business’ virtual presence.

Our team at Go Online Asphalt can assist you in Online Reputation Management to ensure your business has a positive online presence, encourage potential buyers to choose your product or service over competitors, and increase website engagement.  Call us at 1.877.900.0146 or 416.900.0988 to take control of your asphalt business with outstanding online reputation management!




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