Discover the Benefits of LinkedIn Relationship Management

Without a doubt, the most important word when it comes to successful marketing is relationship. Relationship marketing creates loyal customers, which are more valuable than occasional customers. In order to increase the chances of creating lasting connections, which leads to a higher chance of closing sales, LinkedIn Relationship Marketing can be implemented.

84% of vice presidents and executives use social media, specifically LinkedIn, before making a purchase decision, so using this tool is essential to your marketing initiatives. LinkedIn Relationship Marketing works by first ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is optimized – i.e. filling out all necessary profile information, following relevant groups, getting endorsed on specific skills, etc. Optimizing your profile improves your online presence and gives credibility to you and your asphalt company.

Next, tailored sales messages are sent out to prospects, which are personally addressed, making quick and effective contacts. These messages should remain professional for the best chance to strike the right chord. Sharing relevant content in the asphalt industry (articles, case studies, infographics, videos etc.) will let your prospects know that you understand their interests and want to help them with their next project. This ongoing messaging campaign builds trust between you and your prospects, followed by a soft sales pitch, which increases the chances of generating more sales.

Our team at Go Online Asphalt can assist you in creating a LinkedIn Relationship Marketing campaign that will build connections with prospects, generate leads, and increase sales. Contact us today to find out about our different packages.

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