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CValley-Web-Logo-OrangeContacting Go Online Asphalt to change our website was a Great Decision!
“Before we contacted Go Online Asphalt, we had a website, but it was basic and didn’t showcase the scope of our capabilities. We hardly ever referred our customers to our site. Truthfully, the site served only as a minimal presence online and we were afraid of how difficult & time consuming it would be to go through the process of improving our site.
From our first meeting with Paolo and Greg Gullo, they had a fresh perspective on ways we could improve our site and we immediately knew they were perfectly suited to help us make the changes we needed. We made a complete overhaul of our website and Paolo and Greg walked us through every stage of it. We were impressed with how seamless the change was and how terrific the final product is.
Now, the website is an excellent avenue to promote the work we do here at C. Valley Paving. The website is impressive and attracts the right customers. We have seen a huge increase in volume of customers who have found our website, followed through with contacting us and signed a contract. We consider every time a new customer tells us they “found us online and decided to call” a compliment! We have experienced the direct relationship of the increase in traffic to our site to the increase of our sales.
Upon reflection, contacting Go Online Asphalt to change our website was a great decision and we would definitely, without a doubt, go back to the Gullo Brothers for any future online needs. We are grateful for their hard work and look forward to doing future asphalt business with them”.
Silvia Borzellino
C. Valley Paving Ltd.
Kleinburg, Ontario




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