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Your website has two seconds to grab visitors’ attention. If you cannot keep your prospects on your site, you cannot convert them into customers.

Live model videos are an effective way to make a personal yet professional case for your company. By speaking directly to your customers, a live model can double or triple your website’s conversions and make an effective case for your products and services.

However, you need high-quality video and audio, a professional actor and a seamless content delivery system to keep your visitors from immediately clicking the “Back” button. Go Online Asphalt specializes in high-quality live model videos, and we can deliver perfectly scripted, and a perfectly performed feature with a clear call to action.

Every aspect of our Live Model Video service is professional, and we tailor individual features to meet your asphalt business’s needs. Because we operate a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN), our videos play seamlessly, and our professional actors provide the warm tone you need to keep visitors on your website.


Before writing your script, we learn about your asphalt business and its target customers in order to make sure that the finished video projects an accurate image of your company. Video is one of the strongest communication tools available, and with Go Online Asphalt, you can give your website a powerful edge.

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